This Happy

My website launched today, I’m anxious to redesign when I get the logo. I am pleased to share that it is being designed by an old friend who just HAPPENS to be one of the most creative graphic designers (and a true artists) I have known- Jamie Appel. In a former life I had worked with many different graphic designers and let me tell you- Jamie knows her stuff, and she’s downright talented.
Check out her blog about her daily eats. I know She’s enjoying the Pluots, but I want to see what she can do with a Quince ! Sound like a challenge? Its on like donkey kong! She’s freelancing also- so if you’re in the market, you should give her a call.

On another note, this week has been a blur and happening at a pace I’m not at all used to, but it has been amazing! See that picture up there? Thats what I feel like. As happy as a baby free-style jumping all over the bed. My face hurts from smiling so much!
Guess what, I got to feed 27 people this week. Did you read that? I had the privilege of nourishing 27 people! I was able to meet these people who were coming in to better themselves by taking care of their bodies, gave them samples and shared my perspective on holistic nutrition. Then, they bought my food- It was Amazing!

I am so excited to see what this next week has to offer.
Maybe I’ll free-style frog jump on my own bed.
Ate logo-

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