A little something I do on the side

So I started Playing Capoeira last June, on a whim. I stopped by the class fully expecting to take my one free class and bolt.

What happened was something completely different. I was welcomed by strangers into a world that showed me a healthy lifestyle, friends, a family, to not be afraid to do a cartwheel (or Au) and fall flat on your face. Here, no one will laugh at you. Your capoeira is your capoeira, and it will never look like mine, nor should it.

I reconnected with my inner child,
I re-learned that I am inherently stubborn and determined to work on something until I get it. Even if its just a spinning kick. Even if my toes start to bleed.
I re-learned that sometimes I think too hard, and that I need to trust myself and my instincts, they are usually right.
Even if it means to get out of the way.
Even if it means to sing a little louder because I actually know the words.

So, Capoeira was a little something I started on the side, but it is also a little something that helped change my perspective on everything. I change cords this week, and I’m excited to see everyone I’ve been with for the last year grow together. So, this week, I will trust my self inside and outside the Roda.
Even if it means I should sing a little louder.

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