One of my favorite sounds

Au de batizadoIsso.
Right now, this is my favorite sound. In portuguese it normally means “This” or “that”.
But when its said to you while you’re sweating buckets and have been trying for the last 30 minutes to do properly execute a spinning handstand, it means something entirely different.
It means “yes, thats it.”
It means “do it again”.
It means “good Job”.

It rolls off the tongue, it is an affirmation that is almost purred to you, and it only has power coming from a few voices. The voices you have learned to trust, Your Mestre, your Instrutor. And when it is spoken to you with your apelido (or nickname) its magical. It motivates you to try again. Or to try something harder.
“Isso Dourada”

Like many wonderful things in life, you have to earn it. You don’t just get Isso for trying something. You get it for working at it until you nail it. and then you nail it again.

My motivation with capoeira was never to get affirmations from anyone else. I did it to learn about myself, my body, my endurance. To teach myself to trust my own voice. I did it so I could learn to affirm myself.
“Isso Angelina”

So this week, give yourself this little gift. When you get something you’ve struggled with, close your eyes and purr to yourself…


Although, getting it from Mestre Paulinho Sabia (the one on the left)
is not such a bad thing either.

He’s kind of a big deal. 😉
Mestre e fofao

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