Worth the Wait

speedo time!

as in "waiting all summer to go to the beack"

Hello Friends! It’s been a few weeks, I do apologize for the absence in the blogs and updates, I have missed you all! I’ve been reconfiguring a few things here on the backend,
translation- as of Friday I will be able to accept Credit card Payments! Yeah for you, yeah for me!
October Menu will be sent out shortly which I can guarantee will be fantastic. Here is a little teaser…. expect the last of summer squash, zucchini, raw tomatoes, basil and mint. Its time for heartier fare to make an appearance like roasted vegetables, soups, and greens (raddichio, Lacinato or Tuscan Kale for starters!) along with lots of squash, mushroom and spinach based recipes, and its also time for fun herbs like Tarragon, Rosemary, Thyme…the list goes on!

Allright, I’m Rambling here! Also, don’t forget, “Harvest Fest” Dinner party, Thanksgiving “fake it till ya make it” and catering options are available. Hit me up for more details!
Ate Logo!

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