Where to begin

I guess, at the beginning? Well…this past 2 months a LOT has changed, and not only in the way of Eat Well Be Well.
I started working at a local pastry shop under a Master Pastry Chef from France. (How this happened is for another day).
I started in the front of the house, but have since moved to cooking in the back, and hopefully will win an apprenticeship under him, maybe a stint in France in a few years….Bananas! So, in lieu of culinary school, I have decided to become a chef the old school way. Slave labor on my feet for many hours, following commands, taking orders, never saying no, striving for perfection, making things, being reprimanded for making them wrong, then remaking things, and generally jumping headfirst back into the culture of a commercial kitchen. With Men. Lots of patronizing, gutter talk, Pissing contests and generally disgusting conversations that can be rather derogatory and misogynistic.

Swoon ❤

i belong here. This is where I should be. I love the energy of the kitchen, the camaraderie, the learning from each other, the trash talk, and most of all….the food.

I know- seems a little Schizo, right? You're probably saying "wait, but isn't your own business built around eating HEALTHY?" and "Um- don't you hate baking? The precision, the science, the sugar?!"

and I answer you, No. My business is built around teaching you to eat REAL food again, to try new things, or sometimes old things but to eat holistically. Essentially, I am an advocate of BALANCE and a healthy lifestyle- Not just "healthy" food. I think a healthy lifestyle sometimes includes butter, heavy cream and Sugar (unrefined preferably). But I also think a healthy lifestyle includes lots of activity, exercise, and meat free mondays.

At heart, I'm an epicurean that loves to experience life through my senses, and being a pastry chef is definitely one way of accomplishing that feat. And one time, I was a very precise little girl, I was a neat freak that kept everything in its place. I cleaned everything. I followed directions. I made directions.
I think that this is an opportunity that is presented once in a lifetime- its a sign that I need to reclaim some of these characteristics of my childhood. This t is who I really am. and I love me. I'm kind of fabulous.

Things I'm learning- DON"T pull something out and not finish it. Someone will NOT come behind you to finish that job. they will however, rip you a new one for either not finishing it or leaving said items/task out.
DON"T take it upon yourself to do anything without asking first. Even peeling an egg. Cutting a tomato. Just don't do it. If you're not sure, ask.
and never NEVER complain. Just smile, even with your ugly awkward braces, and do it.

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