Wanna Braise?

Comeon, Everyone’s doing it! If not, they should be. Knowing how to properly braise food sets you apart from other cooks or aspiring chefs. It says- I know my food. I know my cuts. I know how to get the most flavor out of that veg, and the most bang for my buck.

Traditionally, braising is a technique saved for cheap, usually otherwise tough cuts of meat. Rump roast, pot roast, etc. Its starts with the main ingredient being seared in some fat, and then finished off in some liquid, simmered slow,low and covered for awhile.

My first braise was a few years ago. On a serious budget, and not knowing anything about cuts of meat I bought some “stew” meat. (read-cheap)
I knew I should braise it, but I didn’t know exactly how- Theory and application are two different beasts. So I read, studied, and picked the method I wanted. Then it happened- I made the most unbelievably, mouth wateringly tender, unctuous beef stew I had ever had in my life.
I loved it so much, that I made it three more times that month. I don’t even love beef! but I loved this. I knew that this was a technique that should follow me wherever I go.
Every bite I took brought me to some european countryside home, in the fall, with a chill in the air, and Javier Bardem sharing a bowl with me (what- its MY dream!)…
The point is, that stew warmed me clear through to my soul.
So the in next few posts I’m going to provide you with some braising tips and a few recipes.
You can braise fish, vegetables, dang near anything and it brings out an insanley intense flavor that one might not otherwise be able to encounter.

Comeon, everyone's doing it!

So comeon, Lets Braise!

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