My, how things have changed

A few weeks ago I was in Miami visiting with my girlfriend from College. She still lives there. We putzed around like we owned the place (as we always do) but noticed some differences on this visit. There are those constants in our lives, be they people, circumstances, or environment that are always there in some form or another, but it’s when we notice our constant has changed that the whole paradigm shifts. and its okay. Its just movement. πŸ™‚

When we were still in college, after class (if we didn’t have to work) we would go to the mall, pretend to shop while spending hours in Sephora smelling perfume, and would dream about the days when we would have real jobs and the ability to buy aforementioned perfumes that we were smelling. We would spend 4 hours at a time trying on clothes, daydreaming and not actually buying anything.
My how things have changed.
Now, after both of us have had “careers” and money, and the ability to travel, buy our perfumes and clothes, our lives have taken different paths. I, with my decision to pursue a dream not really knowing where it will go, and her with a baby on the way. Now, instead of chasing those things that seemed so important at the time, we’re driving around Miami wheeling and dealing on craigslist for the some strollers, bassinets and playpens. I ponder driving homestead to meet a lady who calls herself “ISA” to discuss a possible bugaboo stroller purchase at the Miami Metro Zoo. What? Bugaboo is supposedly one of the best, and the zoo parking lot is well lit πŸ™‚

We would use our spare change to go to “sCmhili’s” for happy hour after school, or to pay the tolls to go to South Beach.
Now, I won’t touch “Shmili’s” with a 10 foot poll due to the poor food quality among other things, and my beloved Russian Rocket (thats what we call her) won’t touch chocolate with a ten foot poll because “it has too much caffeine”. So you can imagine that her dietary restrictions/choices have been somewhat altered..apparently a cheap buzz isn’t worth chasing anymore….
My, how things have changed.

I like to think that along with our paradigms shifting, our priorities have shifted also. We are learning every day about what is important in our lives…
My how things have…..OHWAIT! LOOK SHOE SALE!!!!!

I like pregnant people!


Some things stay the same πŸ™‚

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