Project M

I was recently told by one of my besties that ” I have too much food in my house and that I have No buisness buying more without cooking everything I have first.” She’s right and it’s a problem I’m willing to work though. With you watching.

Truth be told, we were discussing budgets and strategizing how to get my tuchas to Spain (in January :p) so that I can further develop my culinary sensibilities and techniques. Food was first on the list.

The conversation went a little like this

KP-“well, how about we explore your food budget?”

Me” Um, I’m not really interested in that, at all. You know how I feel about quality. I will have holes in my shoes before I buy less than stellar groceries”

KP” Well, lets have a look to see what you have…OH MY GOSH SERIOUSLY! You have enough Dry goods here for a few storm shelters. You should do what my mom does, and not buy anything else until she’s completely depleted. Call it project Meg.”

Me (embarrassed because she’s totally right)- “You’re right. Deployment begins Monday.”

and so, Project Meg was born, to prove to myself and the world that I can eat tastefully, healthfully on a wicked tight budget.

At the Holidays.

Here are the Rules of Project Meg

1. Allowable purchases are eggs, Cheese, yeast, aromatic veg, and frozen veggies, but ONLY when I have depleted completely my current inventory (so not for awhile)
2. make as much from scratch as possible- (i.e-yeast for bread)
4.Document Recipes, eats and receipts

5. Max $30.00/week budget.

Any other suggestions I haven’t thought of yet?

Let the countdown to Spain Begin!

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2 Responses to Project M

  1. K says:

    Umm… $30 ?? That’s a little high! The goal is Spain THIS January… not 2012! 🙂

    • Angelina says:

      Lol- K- that includes cat food, TP and paper towels. But I’m still glad I ran it by you 😉

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