Supah quick Broccoli Soup

Rocking a Broccoli Soup Food baby here.

I got home from work RAVENOUS. The worst part is that I KNOW better than to do this. It goes against my holiday rule number 1, which is to have food prepared in your fridge. Even if its tuna fish (Dolphin safe si vous plait). If it will save you from eating 1/2 of an almond croissant, when you dont even LIKE croissants…well, then it has worked. My friend PAngelina did that today. Eating half an almond Croissant at 8 oclock at night.

This is an almond croissant. Not to be confused with Dinner.

I, on the other hand came home and made a delicious 15 minute Broccoli and greens soup inspired by Mama Pea. Hers is a vegan and fabulous version, Mine is vegetarian, but omnivores and carnivores alike can enjoy. I had cooked chickpeas on hand, but you can substitute rice, potatoes, even a bit of bread to make the soup a bit thicker and creamier without adding “cream”

You will need a bit of yellow Mustard here- trust me on this one. Its a secret.

Well, it was.

Notice the lovely Mustard swirl? Just do it.

8 years ago I came across a recipe that rimmed the soup bowls in mustard, I just dump a spoonful in there. I have never looked back.

Supah Quick Creamy Broccoli Soup

1/2 bag Frozen Broccoli

1/2 Bag Frozen Greens (mine was a kale, mustard and collard mix)

1/2 onion

1 cup cooked chickpeas

salt, pepper, turmeric, Curry powder, garlic

Olive Oil

1 cup Almond Milk (you can use dairy milk here if you’d like)

Nooch (nutritional yeast- if you dont have this, you can use cheese or just omit all together)

Sprinkle o’ Parmagianno Reggiano

Dice onion, sweat in a few tablespoons of olive oil, add salt, pepper, curry powder, garlic, mustard powder. Add frozen broccoli (no need to thaw here, the water from the frozen broccoli will add necessary liquid) and Frozen greens, add chickpeas. You can add the liquid from the chickpeas if you cooked them at home. If you got them out of the can, I wouldn’t because the sodium is so high.

cook for 5-10 minutes, taste for seasoning. Working in Batches, transfer 1/3 of soup to blender or food processor, adding 1/3 almond milk each time, and adding Nooch. When you’ve pureed the whole thing, you’re done!

Transfer to a bowl, add a scoop of delicous yellow mustard, and you are good to go!

Going to Freeze some of this for later!

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