From the Front to the back

Thoughts on working the front of the house versus the back.

In the front, people forget what they are doing(because they are busy) and drop items/tasks where they lie. Its like following behind a 5 year old.

In the Kitchen, people clean up after themselves, ( most of the time.) If someone has to clean up after you, one fully expects to be promptly reprimanded or not-so-kindly-“reminded” the next time the cleaner upper sees you. Probably a little prank or a new nickname was earned as well. Or a text at 2 in the morning telling you how much you suck and why.

In the Front, people are passive aggressive.

In the back, people are aggressive,

but your issue gets dealt with. Kiss, make up, and move on.

In the back, we pay attention to everyone and everything, at all times. There are eyes in the back of our heads, which in theory, makes at least another head. We operate as if in one body, and we often don’t have to talk to communicate. His arm goes up for the Omelette, mine goes up for the plate, while its down I grab the knife, slice the croissant,  put it on the plate and lift it up, he lifts out the omelette and hands it off  on the plate- et voila- done.

In the front, everyone does their own thing, constantly running into each other and wasting endless opportunities to consolidate movements. “Did you get the coffee?” ” no, I didn’t.” “are you going to?” “no, I thought you were” yada yada.  Sometimes its like working with the scarecrow from the Wizard of OZ.

In the back, people are thick skinned.

In the front, People are PC. (this, I do appreciate more than you would know. It makes up for the crazy talk that goes in the back).

Some things are like pulling teeth!

I still love it though. You learn to quickly assess one’s strengths, their weaknesses, whether they are an asset or a liability.

And you sometimes have to remember that we all start somewhere.

And then nickname them “sir kicks a lot” because they just knocked all the coffee cups over.

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