Project M-day2,3,4

Munched on delicous Supah Quick Broccoli Soup for 3 days! it was delicious. I usually tend to get tired of soups on day 2 but this one made it to day 3, no problemo! I highly recommend you throw this one together.

I also was faced with  a problem yesterday. I am a compulsive grocery shopper. I see new, fun things at the grocery (lychees, chestnuts, Daikon, tupelo honey ) and I end up buying them all. This gets to be an expensive habit. Granted, I end up using it all at some point, but there is also the chance that I don’t, and we run into the situation I have now. Crazy stocked pantry with no rhyme or reason. Step one- PLAN the fun recipes I want to make. Then, cook normally for the remainder.

My purchases this week have consisted of the following. Almond Milk, Eggs, 1 roaster chicken, and 3 packets of yeast. ($30.00- can you believe that?) I have never paid much attention because in my book good nutrition is a necessary expense. Instead of going to Doctor I buy organic produce.  That 30 bucks doesn’t even include vegetables! Crazy when you actually pay attention to it. Luckily, I have a ton in my fridgidaire which I will be promptly using.

On le Menu tonight- curried Kuri squash and Lentil soup (I always make double batches of beans and freeze some. this works with lentils too, just pop them out of the freezer and into the pot, you’re good to go) and I’ll probably be munching on the roasted brussels sprouts that are awaiting me. I just got my bottom braces on, so that is about all I can stomach at this point.

Project M success thus far, except that I am cut off from purchases until next week and I’m out of coffee! yikes!

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