All I want for christmas

is quite a bit, actually. But, who doesn’t? I just thought I’d rattle off these items and share with you some trade secrets I’ve discovered. (i.e.-zlyss Peeler anyone?)

I would like

…..A Big Girl Camera, so I can actually take pictures of the food I prepare, for the site and otherwise! I promise my food is good, but its hard to tell when everything looks orange and grainy, hence me not sharing too many images.  Maybe a Canon Rebel T21, or even one of these

When I (one day)get my big girl camera, I want one of these Kelley Moore  bags !!

At least 3 of THESE (preferably an 8 inch, or the 10 inch, the Paring knife, and a Nice serrated carver.) and one of these BAGS to hold them

The best little peeler in the world! -Seriously. Best money you can spend.

A ticket to Madrid, one to Sao Paulo,  and one to France! (each serves a purpose, and if I had my BIG girl camera, you would be able to see them)

a Fantastic one of these coats to keep me from getting burned again. and again. and again.


I had better stop wishing for myself and thinking about others, Time is a ticking!

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