The Ugly Truth.

I am sick as a dog, again, and was looking forward to some white bean soup, with carrots, garlic, hot sauce and collard greens. Soul food with lots o nutrients.

I had the whole thing done (from dried bean to soup) in an hour. I was so ready to share this delicious soup!

Imagine this, you are anxiously awaiting the one meal you’ve eaten for the day, you saved all the energy you had to make this soup. You de-steam the pressure cooker, open the pot, ladle a ginormous spoonfool, and …..



Am I being Punked?

Worms in the beans. I’ve had worms on greens before (this is normal-just make sure you wash them thoroughly) I’ve never had worms in the beans. I didn’t even know it was possible. If it were just 1 or 2, I’d throw them out and down it Andrew Zimmern Style. However, an entire pot of worm beans? No thank you. I’ll just have my egg and toast.

I’ve been cooking my beans from scratch for years, and (to my knowledge) this has never happened!

To add to the irony, I happened to read a blog today from an American expat in Brasil, talking about worms in beans-


When you cook naturally, Nature can happen!

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