cats outta the bag…kind of :)

SO….I did it. I want to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming (and come monday, I’m sure I’ll realize I’m not).

I was hired to work in a superb dining establishment (which will remain nameless. nickname to follow)It is the exact kitchen experience I’ve been dreaming, hoping and praying for.

Everything is made from scratch. EVERYTHING.

I’m talking, baking the bread to make the croutons scratch.

I’m talking plucking the olives to press the oil with our bare feet scratch. (OK, slight exaggeration)

In Orlando?! Prior to my web-stalking/pre-interview (more later) I didn’t know a 4 Star existed in Orlando, other than Mannys  that closed a few years ago. We are chock-full o’ chains in Mouse Town,  (Seasons anyone? )but this place… This place is amazing. Class act. Best of the best. and I get to cook there. or Rather, Learn to cook there. How this happened is a rather involved story, and one of these days I’ll share it. For now, lets just focus on the important things, like equipping one’self with the proper tools of the trade.


So, the night I got to stage (pronounced “Stahhjj”-read “work for free”) at the place, I didn’t have my own knives. Fortunately, all the other cooks did, and were kind enough to let me borrow theirs. This, in and of itself, is amazing. Letting someone borrow your knife is like letting a stranger hold your newborn child. You just. Don’t. Do. it.

breaking down a carrot...taking it slow

oohh....alumettes? No, we shouldn't!

a dice!? but it's all so fast!


It has been a CRAZY couple of months here. Trying to figure out which direction to go with life and what to do. Feeling one minute like the world is your oyster, and the next minute that there is just no chance for your dreams to be accomplished. Getting lost in the details of the “how”and not enough of the “DO”.

Its so defeatist, isn’t it? Stopping yourself from succeeding before you’ve even given yourself a chance- to fail or succeed.
Well today I decided to cut it out, literally, with some Japanese heavy metal.


Domo Arigato. Mr Roboto.

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2 Responses to cats outta the bag…kind of :)

  1. Katie says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you!

    • Angelina says:

      Thanks so much!! Its so exciting embarking on something you’re actually passionate about.
      I can’t wait to read more about your adventures as a student again -Many good things to come!

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