First Major lessons….

Me and the nephew

"Is this right Chef, I mean Ee-Eee?"

I’ve had a few lessons this week that apply first and foremost in the kitchen, but I think they can apply to many facets of life.

1. If you’re not sure ask. Put down your pride. If it’s something you should already know, then just brace yourself for the minor verbal onslaught from Chef, but ASK.

Then, pay attention and get it right. If it takes you longer to do it correctly, than slow the hell down. It’s not a race.

If it takes you longer to get the cut of the pepper down properly, than take the time to do so. Because how thick or thin you cut that pepper,or onion, or tomato will completely alter the mouthfeel of the dish.

Try it this way....

2. DO it right or DON’T do it!  If you find that it is wrong, or not perfect, stop and start over.

3. OWN your mistakes. Do not point the finger, do not blame. Own it, learn from it, and move on.

I ran into number 2 and 3 today. We make a sauce that has a root vegetable in it that needs to be cooked all the way. I tested it in the water, it was done (or so it seemed).  I went to cut it open and found it was still raw on the inside. I asked someone with seniority if I should start over, they said no, it would be fine because it gets pureed anyway.

Today, we used the sauce. The Garde Manger opens the container (with my name on it) and asks why its so mealy and grainy. Chef looks at me and asks if I followed the recipe, I did. But then I remembered that the veg wasn’t thoroughly cooked. Chef had to come behind me and fix the sauce. Not cool.  Luckily, it was salvageable. and, I confessed. Without blame.

Lesson? Do it right the first time, even if you have to start all over. You could cause yourself and everyone else more work in the end.

And you just might earn a little Respect

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