Garde Manger…WHAT?!

SOoo….. I get a call from my chef as I’m out celebrating with my lady friends, asking me to come in Thursday and work. It was supposed to be my day off. Of course I tell Chef “yes!”

It was a long day, and along night. I might have had a few Vodka’s and perhaps some champagne from the night before in my system (read- hungover. I freely admit I am getting older and my body definitely DOES NOT recoup the way it used to.) But it was ladies night 🙂

I went in to work, and it was CRAZY. SO much to do, so little time. And we kept looking at the rezzy board. The covers kept jumping. First 30, then 60, then 90, then 150 (100 is a busy night for us)!!!! and we were short staffed. Everyone was in the S*#ts.  Everyone.

At 6 PM chef looked at me and said “I uh, hope you weren’t planning on going home anytime soon”. Of course I wasn’t. I guess this is part of my new lifestyle choice. Social life, second. Job, first. Ces’t la vie.

All of a sudden, we here the tickets start coming in. Chef starts yelling orders, and Garde Manger -salad and cold apps- station gets SLAMMED.

Chef looks at me (I was still doing prep at this point) and yells “Angelina”

“yes chef?”

“Get on Garde Manger. Watch what he’s doing, and do it. ”

Yes Chef. Gulp.

I’m not one that typically chokes under pressure, and I wasn’t about to let that night be a first. However, I like feeling like I’ve been trained properly. Oh well, nothing like Trial by fire!

So I jump over to Garde-, start watching him plate 4 different types of salads, and he starts freaking out because he has to shell oysters and plate salads. At the same time. Because we have 30 to put out, along with the other apps that just kept firing in the hole.

I told Pepe- “just show me once, I’ll remember, and you can do what you need to do.” I lived up to that promise.

Chef started yelling orders at ME- out of nowhere. I started calling them back,  and just kept plating. It was amazing. The rush of getting through the Rush. Getting out of the weeds one dish at a time. It is exactly what I’ve been waiting for- the rush, the adrenaline- and it was just Garde Manger. I was proud of myself. I’m thankful that I’m a quick study. I’m grateful that I have the constant need to help people. I’m proud that I’ve always felt the need to be part of a team- and I think I’ve found them.

For ONCE in my life, I’m content being exactly where I need to be, which for me right now is prep. I need to learn everything I can before I jump to the next thing. But I like dabbling, sticking my toe in and building a little confidence.

With that being said,

Partners in Crime

I really look forward to getting on the line one of these days. and then actually being a chef.

Between you and me, I think I might blow these boys outta the water.

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2 Responses to Garde Manger…WHAT?!

  1. K says:

    Yes, yes you WILL!

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