“I’m a cook” part 2…


a little whine coming up. Tune out if you don’t want to hear it.

My family is going on a cruise in a few days. I was supposed to go, ticket was booked everything.

I love my family. I love hanging out with them, and I NEEDED a vacation with some good old fashioned QT. On a boat. In the ocean. with comped food. and a tan. I was so excited to have Miami Vices with these folks

These guys are a blasty!


I can’t go. I made a choice- I love this choice,  but all choices have consequences. and this particular one makes me very sad.

Someone at work (who is quickly becoming a buddy )said “this is the life we chose. While others are out having fun, we’re working. Its just the way it is. ”

We’re not martyrs. Were cooks.

Well said colega, well said.

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