Loves being loved

I started this post back in November, after cooking the entire thanksgiving meal for my family. I loved every second of it, as did they- hence the title. However, didn’t feel right about posting it until today. I guess  I didn’t know what the future had in store.  I guess we never do 🙂 Bon Apetite!


Valentines day is one of the busiest days of the year in the service industry. I’m sure that little tidbit can go without mention, but I must just to let you know that I am, indeed alive. But barely. Recouping. My first day off in 15 days.

It has been Crazy. Like, wicked crazy. a special menu for Vday was prepared- and we all (well, the line but I pay attention as if I were on the line because I WILL be soon 😉 ) had to learn it.  I prepped so much seafood that you could call me King Triton.

and then the Lobster. Oh, the poor lobsters, When no one was looking, I rubbed each one of them on the back, because in my mind, every animal wants to get a back scratch- and thanked each one of them for sacrificing their lives so someone could get laid.

(Clearly, my transition from vegetarianism back to “Whatever the eff is in the kitchen and in my path-ism”  has had lasting implications. Like talking to shellfish before I decapitate them.)

The connection with food, love, and lets face it-sex- is deep and intrinsic. One reason why its such a good day for us. The capitalist in me has no complaints on that front.

Besides, what is sexier than nourishing the one you love- with delicious, extravagant food. You’re not only fueling their body for whatever is next, you’re feeding their soul. If the food is really good, you get a glimpse of utter ecstasy-even if only for a moment. If you pay attention, it is there. Just because I work on that day, and the day before, and the day after- doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the same things.


Want to show me you care for me? Cook for me.
You want me to know I’m loved? Bake for me. From Scratch.

You want me to get to know You? Make me something YOU love. Then tell me about it.
You wanna speak my language? Learn to talk food.

Speak well. Take your time. If its a conversation worth having I have all the time in the world. Don’t make fun of me when I passionately relay a story about how my faith in God was reaffirmed because on the most terrible horrible no good very bad day I found the most perfectly ripe avocado with a teeniest tiniest pit. (Avocados and I have a long history together-one also brought me to tears)

Or how sometimes, when I don’t know what else to do with my day, my week, or my life, I cook. and it all seems to make sense again.

and I won’t laugh at you if there is chocolate on your face. there probably is.


What is the best way for someone to show their love to you? Does it involve food? What kind?

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