But I KNOW how to make Bechamel!!!!

I am frigging tired.

On a personal level, I have been through an emotional roller coaster that is still to this day indescribable. In the midst of the storm, but, cest la vie, no?

On a professional level, I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday (several hours of which I don’t get paid, this is normal, acceptable, and expected if you want to get anywhere in this industry. Akin to going into the office early). and learned a LOT. About myself, about the line, about the people I work with.

On a social level- I got invited to hang out with the big boys:) Kind of. The two guys on the grill, their significant others, and one of the pastry cooks. Long story short, had a blast, Stayed out till 3 am- had to go to work at 10, means waking up at 8, leaving at 9, arriving to work at 10, to literally just walk in my door. My feet hurt, my eyes are tired-but I made it.

They could tell it had been a rough night, but they also saw me bust my azz. and I got to work the line last night.

I ask senior cooks in the kitchen questions, because, I assume they’ve done something before. But, there is something to be said about instincts and being well read. and it proved itself this night.

I have made bechamel sauce so many times I can’t even count, but never in this kitchen. With this recipe- there was a flaw in how the recipe was written. I asked a senior cook about it, knowing that I should trust my instinct, or this sauce would NEVER come together. But he assured me to throw it all together.

sous Chef walks by, asking what is in that pot.” I say Bechamel. I followed the recipe. It’s not coming together.”

“Well- did you do what the recipe said?” Which was my intention in the first place. ¬†Senior cook is there, doesn’t speak up that he advised me to commit Bechamel Abomination.

Me-“yes, except this part.”

Soussie “well. Do it over, do it right. and do that part. It will never come together like that. Have Senior cook help you. ”

Sous walks away, senior cook says – “sorry.”

me- “great. now he thinks I can’t make frigging bechamel.”

thanks. a lot.

and, like a 2 year old would proudly declare

“I can do it by myself.”




Little old me:)


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