The worst type of injury…

Lots of changes since I’ve last blogged, but what’s new? 1 day in the kitchen feels like a week in the real world.

I don’t know if its because one is confined to a such a small space with people under what eventually becomes a “high stress” condition (read: service), but bonds form. These people turn into a close knit second family. Truth be told, I am with them more than I am with my actual family. And I’m learning that we Mostly have each others backs, just like a real family.

Which is why it was so difficult when my Chef announced that she was leaving. I know it was hard for her. I’ve been there, deciding that you actually might know what is best for your soul, or at least taking a stab at it. So while I was afraid (literally, for my job- my skills are not as savvy as the guys I cook with) I was also proud of her, as a woman and as a friend that she was taking the steps she felt needed to be taken. The best steps are often the hardest ones.

and, with that being said, we’ve gained 2 new sous chefs. One who is phenominally younger than I am (eeks, I’m getting up there!), and the other not so much. But here is what I love about this industry-

AGE isn’t as much a factor as skill, drive, talent, and heart.  These guys have it from what I can tell. and they can see that I have it too, skill….not so much, yet 🙂

When we all went out for my chef’s last service, I was able to have heart to hearts with two of these guys. They manage in completely different ways, but they are both extremely talented in their own. I shared with them my background, my strengths and the fact that I KNOW I have a long way to go. and I love that they have no qualms with letting me know my knife cuts need some work. But I trust them, and I believe they are learning to trust me. This is where the team part comes in. I’m “new” to cooking, they are skilled.  They are new to Managment, I know how to motivate, teach, and delegate. We all have the ability to learn from each other every single day

I love that.

I told them I don’t want them to go easy on me. Trust me when I tell you, they haven’t.

I was lighting the grill this afternoon, about to make 1 of 5 sauces I had to get done before service, when my sous chef looked at me and said

Chef Jet Li-” Be careful Ange- that could blow up in your face. and that would be the second lamest in jury you could ever have.”

Me-“really? What’s the first?”

Chef Jet Li- “A wrist injury from typing.”


I believe that was part of my manifesto for changing my life.

and with this eerie sense of being web stalked,

I knew I belonged. I was born for this.




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