Puh Puh Puh Poker Face

Instead of makeup, that is what I wear to work on a daily basis- a poker face.

Goodbye MAC Penultimate Liner,

Hello air of Humble Confidence. 

I am sporting a fake it till you make it mentality- and it seems to be working for me.

After working a month and a half as a prep cook I was moved to Garde Manger (unheard of moving up so quickly with such a lack of experience) – and have been on this station for 10 days. The first 8, prepping my mise en place did not click. I was a disaster, messy, unorganized, had poor time management skills, was inefficient. I got my plates out, but they weren’t beautiful. They weren’t done with Finesse-

Then, after I had my Rump Roasted , my sous chef came up and showed me how HE would work this station. That 15 minutes messed up my prep and had everyone running to help me in time for service, but that’s why we’re a team. I would have done the same for any one of those boys.

That 15 minutes changed how I work, how I think and how I organize myself.

That 15 minutes has changed how I am doing everything in my life- but most importantly in the kitchen.

If one is running around the kitchen too fast they look unorganized and people assume one is in the shits. If one moves too slow, then they are not working hard enough and are going to be in the shits. The whole goal is to avoid being in the shits- or weeds. Or, for the layperson, ill-prepared  and busy/slammed.

Not a good combination.

I had an amazing service that night. With my poker face on. Humble confidence- its a look that is working for me.

I come in the next day, 100 covers on the board, poker face on ready to start prepping my station for service and get told I’m cooking tonight.

COOKING. On hot Apps. This is huge. It took my chef a year and a half on Garde Manger before he was allowed to cook on Hot Apps.

He is giving me a chance to do it after 10 days. I have only watched and help plate, I have not really felt the weight of the pans in my hands, learned the timing of when to drop what, the order of things. But when I showed an ounce of doubt, or even surprise- my chef questioned if I was ready for it. Poker face back on, I geared up told him I was just surprised and helped prep for the station.

100 covers on Hot Apps- my first night on garde was 34. Busy night. But I did it.  I’m feeling the heat, and loving every second of it. 


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