Confessions 1.2

Confessions of an aspiring chef 1.2

1. I HATE frisee. I cry on the inside every time one of my chefs makes me taste it before sending it out.

2. I’m obsessed with British Period dramas/romances. At this point, I am \convinced that I could make it through a 24 course meal with the finest of British aristocracy and none would be the wiser of my peasant status.

That is of course assuming the dinner is set sometime between the 1750’s and 1920’s.

3. 2 of my besties are in Spain right now living it up. I am with them in spirit and cannot believe that vino is only 2 euro..that’s like, almost free!

4. I can not get enough of Mumford and Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show and Iron and Wine.

5. Zuzana always has a way to keep me motivated to work out, Which I need as a cook in a Fine dining establishment that involves lots of butter, cream, and duck fat. NOM NOM NOM.

6. Can’t wait to make this Quinoa Salad…food baby here I come. On my next day off. One day. Some day.

7. I once went on a cruise and ate Lox at every meal. for 5 days. I did not get tired of it. This little lady has the right idea.

8. I cooked last night for the first time in a month. It was amazing. I might have developed some Mad skillz, Y’all~

 Meal will be posted next…..

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3 Responses to Confessions 1.2

  1. are you next to visit? i promise 2 euro wine!

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