What the H(*&

Holy lack of time managment skills, Batman. Or rather, Holy lack of time.
Miss my friends miss my family miss my life miss my cat miss capoeira …just miss.
Life these days consists of 12 hour shifts..coming in 3 hours early so I can set up my station on my own. Staying longer than I have to in order to ensure that the coolers are done properly. Because it matters.
I come in early

So I can learn to butcher.
So I can prove that I am a worthy cook,
a worthy student,
worthy of receiving the knowledge that has been passed down for centuries so that I too, will be able to pick a worthy apprentice to pass down mine .

I spend more time on I4 and at the “Shmitz Smarlton” than at my own house.
I have a new family, and I like them. They annoy me, push me, bug the Sh&* out of me-

 I’m positive that if you found this crew and bunch of pirates,  one wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them (minus the lack of a cockney accent and eye patches.)

when I’m not working, I miss them.

When I’m not working, I miss the kitchen.

Its crazy, I don’t expect anyone to understand it. I dont care if they understand it. I still love it.  

I wouldn’t change a thing.

I am eternally grateful that I have been blessed with a craft- a trade that is milennia old. I’ve been searching my whole life for this thing, and it found me. Its up to me to prove I’m worthy of it.

What the Hell

(a friend shared this cover with me- its fantastic,appropro on some levels and I can’t stop listening to it.)

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