What to eat…

One would think, based on my chosen profession , eating would not be a problem. However, one would be sorely mistaken. I am surrounded by Heavy Cream, Deep Fryers, Butter, all sorts of Animal Fats, Dairy, and thank god because I work in a 4 Diamond Fine dining establishment, all sorts of Veg.

guess What, I HAVE to eat it all, or at least constantly taste it.

Every day. Its my job to make sure this stuff tastes good before I send it out to a guest. So, To keep my waistline in check and to avoid packing on an extra few LB’s- I am strictly Pescatarian when I’m not at work. I hate labels, but this is one I’ve had to brand myself with for now. (unless of course, someone has decided to cook for me, and my rules fly out the window.)

It works for me.

I am old enough now (ahem)  to know my body’s needs and wants. This Doesn’t always coincide with my schedule or habits. But, I’m figuring out how to make it work.My body needs to workout and be active. My body NEEDS Greens. Sounds crazy, but my SOUL and my BODY need Beans on a daily basis. So, this is how I feed myself when I’m not running around the kitchen like a crazy person. Before shift and on my days off.

I thought it would be fun to give you an example of a cooks Daily eats-First, I should share with you that we NEVER get to eat off plates. No time. We eat off tasting spoons (plastic spoons randomly stored throughout kitchen),Plastic Deli cups, (kind of like cheap tupperware) or Metal bowls that we are about to throw the scraps out of.

2:00 PM-a piece of Leftover Biscotti from the night before- you know where pastry hides it 2:15-a taste of caviar creme fraiche, Wasabi Mousseline, Queso Fresco, avocado puree, and a shortbread crumble. have to make sure these are still good so you don’t need to make more.

2:30- Ciabatta Croutons. You steal a piece of stale brioche from the next station.

4:00- a Piece of Lardon and your finished crouton. an heirloom Tomato you just peeled and skinned.

5:00-a spoonful of potato from sautee station. some dried cherries that you know are leftover on your station from an old salad.

5:45- Tempura fried tomato. Ceaser dressing bc you forgot to taste it at 2:00. Frisee. F(*&ing Frisee. I hate Frisee.

6:00 on- every thing you make- a taste from a tasting spoon. Salad, tomato, veg. You have to trust that your proteins are correct. Soup, etc.

9:00- some Tuna Tartare that was leftover. a Stolen piece of Ciabatta.

1:30- Arepas from the local stand on I Drive. A beer or two. Or just some sparking water you threw in a deli to take with you from work because you’re addicted to it.

Sound appetizing, Eh? Its all for the love of the game. 🙂

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2 Responses to What to eat…

  1. Love the eats! Love that it’s you, not me 🙂 You’re much better at balance. And I love that you NEED beans! 🙂

  2. Angelina says:

    Its the truth. Didn’t have them yesterday and my soul just didn’t feel right, thats okay- Im making up for it today!!! Love you!

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