One Lucky Ducky

I am one LUCKY Duck! Even though my friends barely know I’m alive, I never see my real family, I haven’t put a lick of Make-up on in over a month, and I’ve got a few fresh burns on my arm-

I couldn’t be more grateful for this life! I’ll give a few reasons.

1. I loved it, I hated it, now I love it again. Social Media-Facebook, twitter, Email, Skype-Without these things (and an enormous text plan courtesy of AT&T) I would be even MORE out of touch with those people that I care about.

That and my Iphone 4. Yes, I’m a Mac girl, forever and ever Amen.

Only a v-chat away. The next best thing to real Face time.

Only a v-chat away. The next best thing to real Face time!

2. Bad Days- Yes, I know it sounds crazy. But a wise friend once told me that “all Sunshine makes a desert.”  Verite! How else would we learn or prove to ourselves that we are bigger and better than our circumstances? That we can turn something absolutely AWFUL into something good, and another thing we were able to accomplish? Hmm?

I.E- getting put back on an old station bc someone calls out, not knowing the dishes because you haven’t worked it in 2 months, and STILL being a beast-ette, tearing it up, and putting out fantastic plates. Its nice to you still have it 🙂

3. FAMILY MEALS (ninja Style)- For some reason, our GM doesn’t want us to have them. Ridiculous I say. So what do we do? Save the scraps from everything and come up with our own creations  after hours-cost to restaurant= nothing.

At 2 in the morning. Frigging delicious and its worth it. We need the downtime with each other.

The head from THIS...!

With a little TLC

Becomes THIS!!!

Who know that Snapper heads had so much meat!

4. Taking a chance on a dream- I’m glad I had the guts to do it. Its scary, and challenging, and frustrating mostly all of the time, but its all worth it to have those moments of clarity, of knowing THIS is my gift.

THIS is my purpose, and THIS is what I love to do.

5. And to lighten it up a bit (literally 🙂

New Hair! It was worth the wait. I think I’ll keep this one for awhile.

Uber Blonde...and I like it!

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2 Responses to One Lucky Ducky

  1. Who is that wise friend!? Love you so much! So proud of you! AND I would also be dead without social media!

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