This blog  revolves around food, life, and my road to becoming a chef the old fashioned way, working my way up, staging, volunteering, and cooking as much as I possibly can.

I’m a 29 year who decided to make a change and follow my passion for food by becoming a chef. I’m at the beginning of the road, barely just a cook and I have a long one ahead of me. But I’m excited and I love it. Food is my language, it makes my memories, it shapes my experiences, it is how I connect with people.

This surprised me, because I have been in the service/restaurant industry in some form or other from when I was 16 to 24. I couldn’t wait to get out of it, or so I thought. Little did I know that it would be calling my name 5 short years later.

I graduated with my BA in International  Relations/Political Science, have worked in Print, Marketing and the Medical industry for the past 5 years with some truly amazing people, got some wonderful experiences, and learned so much about myself in that time period.

But I hated what I did. It was sedentary, I never went outside, my wrists started hurting from typing so much- not the kind of injury I could be proud of. A burn, heck yeah! A knife wound, give it to me- but sore wrists? from typing? this was not okay. I couldn’t wait for the lunches in the company’s break room, people would always wait to see what I had brought, ask me about it and I would describe what I had cooked, different preparation methods, where you could buy said item. Then, they would ask me questions on how to cook certain items, or what was in season, and I found that I actually knew the answers to all of these questions. Groups of people in the breakroom, I’m not kidding.  I finally started to think that there was something to this food thing, so I decided to check it out.

I visited schools in manhattan, fell in love with them, and then I found out I couldn’t get the loans to actually go to culinary school. I didn’t know what to do with myself, I had finally made a decision to pursue a path, and I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. One day,  I decided I would grab the bull by the horns and make my dream come true. No matter how much blood, sweat or tears that were involved. I wanted to cook, or at least find out if I had the chops for it.

So I quit my job, started cooking for clients at a local gym, and eventually landed a job at a patisserie. I’ve been cooking there for the past few months, and I really enjoy it. Once I  took control of my life and responsiblity for my happiness, I realized that this was the best decision I had ever made,( so far 🙂

Regardless of the significant pay cut, or the physical demands, or the fact that as soon as I figure something out, I learn that there is so much more I don’t know- I still love it.

I have many theories on food, but the one that guides me most is that we use food to connect. I enjoy a mostly vegetarian diet (mainly because it’s less expensive and I feel better) but I love cooking new and exciting things. Oxtail, beef tongue, etc. I believe in holistic eating, the farm to table movement, local if possible, seasonal always and prepared with care.

I also believe in Balance -which means some fun indulgence 😉
Wanna know more?
Send me an email-ewbwinfo at gmail dot com


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